LUSH.. it’s amazing! And some other things.

USUALLY I post about politics (no worries, this will have political reasoning), but I just discovered Lush. Which a lot of people already have, but I think they’re just focused and interested in the cute bath bombs. Those are awesome, yes, BUT Lush has a bunch of other amazing things!

Most people know that I absolutely despise when corporations profit off of something potentially hazardous. Public health should always be more important than private profit!! I can’t stress that enough.

Anyway, I’ve always had lots of skin issues. Everything I used broke me out like crazy. Face wash, acne wash, even most body washes would make my skin itch to the point that I was scratching chunks of skin off. I had this revelation: maybe it’s all the disgusting chemicals in these products?

Luckily, organic soaps, foods, shampoos, etc. have become extremely popular! And Lush is a store that sells these things. I started using their facial cleansing bar and face masks about two weeks ago.. my skin has completely cleared up. I still have a few scars from the terrible breakouts, but no more nasty on my face! I also started using their body wash (main ingredients: honey, coconut oil) and no more itchy skin.

All of this made me kind of disgusted at corporations.. again. Yes, I pay a little extra for these products now, but I mean they’re all fresh, organic, and GOOD for your skin.

I can’t imagine what chemically processed food does to my insides if chemically processed products do that my damage to my skin.. Can you?

So, at this point in my life, I want to start eating organic and cut meat out. Have you seen how they treat animals? Growing up, I never thought I would be this disgusted with companies. Fight for free range, organic, and healthy! People > corporations. ALWAYS.

Edit: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look up LUSH’s mission and background. They fight for some seriously awesome stuff, they’re very philanthropic, and just an amazing company.

Update: I have yet to stop eating meat. Too yummy.


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