Just a quick opinion on personal life…

This is definitely a different post from what I usually do, but I think it’s important to share my opinion on this.

Right now, with the process of me transferring schools and doing something “not normal” or something people “can’t believe” I’m doing, I think this is important to share.

Your happiness, your well-being, and your excitement is only yours. What’s important to someone else may not be important to you. And what you think, how you feel, and what you have to say matters in every way. No matter what people have to say about that. It is so important to be happy with who you are or who you’re becoming. It’s so important to love yourself and have confidence in whom you are. I know these aren’t easy things to do, but your own happiness matters more than anything else. There is no use in doing things that make you cringe, or being somewhere that makes you feel empty. I want to look forward to my future and be happy with choices I’ve made. Mistakes are okay to make. I just made a $3000 mistake, when I could have went to school for free. Guess what, though. I’m not dwelling on my mistake. I’m pushing past it & creating new goals, and making myself happy. This post sounds so cliche/cheesy/whatever, but it’s true. Maybe someone needs to hear it, but your happiness should come first. Especially when you’re young and creating a life for yourself. Do what you need to do, but create a life that makes you smile. You’ll make mistakes and have regrets, but that’s life. Life is beautiful, so have fun with it and be happy.


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