Don’t Let History Repeat

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. states this in his famous “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” reminding us a all that freedoms kept from some could eventually mean freedoms kept from all.

I have two points for this. One, I want to discuss how much Donald Trump disgusts me and two, I want to discuss harsh discrimination against Muslims.

A lot of younger people are stepping away from religion; that’s totally fine, everyone has their right to believe in whatever they want. The thing is, though, is that people should not discriminate others based on differing beliefs. In lieu of the disgusting acts of ISIS, I want to point out that one portion doesn’t represent a whole. Ever. Not all Muslims want to destroy us; but they will be on the defense for getting discriminated specifically on their religion (I mean, look at people freaking out over the Starbucks cups. Those people were hostile). Islam is actually pretty similar to Christianity, and, historically, Christians used to persecute and torture others who didn’t believe in their religion as well.

Anyway, I’m not here to convert you. I’m just here to ask to fight against Donald Trump’s DISGUSTING idea of preventing Muslims in the U.S., forcing them to get IDs, and mass deporting other groups. Really, Hitler did the exact same things with the Jews. That worked out pretty well, if you all remember any history class ever.

As MLK Jr. said, if Trump can take this freedom away from one group, imagine what other freedoms he could take. He could make us carry cards if we are Democrats, Libetarians, or anyone that disagrees with anything he says. He could round up regular American citizens because he plays on people’s fears. That’s the most disgusting and dangerous part of Mr. Trump. He finds Americans’ weaknesses, and pounces on it. We should never fear any particular religion, race, identity, any of that. What we need to do is be humanitarians, and fight for the collective good of all people. We cannot declare war on Isis, it’s not a country. Fighting fire with fire just creates a larger fire. The War on Terror brought ISIS to rise; they hate Americans.

I want to close by saying two things:

  1. Don’t vote for Trump, he’s seriously and dangerously close to Hitler. Please be rational.
  2. Stop discriminating all Muslims. ISIS is HORRID, but not all Muslims are terrorists. I promise. Just like all white men aren’t school shooters.

Thanks for reading! Leave any comments. contact me if you’d like to discuss more about islam, war, or Trump.


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